Everybody knows what astology is. It's that three sentence blob in the newspaper that tells you the today Cancer will meet the person of their dreams and win the lottery. Of course, only some of that has anything to do with you because, oh, maybe you were born on the cusp and you're more of a Leo.

    Well there could be something said for reading the Leo's horoscope as well as you may be in for both of them, or maybe neither. Since we've been reading horoscopes in the paper or buying books in the checkout counter allowing people that write those books to get rich, we've probably only known that sometimes you hit spot on, and sometimes you whiff completely. And there is a reason for that.

     Believe it or not, astrology, the stuff done correctly at least, is an exact ( almost ) science. It was even said in Ecclesiastes 12:6 "Remember Him before the silver cord is broken and the golden bowl is crushed, the pitcher by the well is shattered and the wheel at the cistern is crushed;" What is this all talking about you may add? Well of course the silver cord would be what connects you with God, Divine, Spirit, and the Golden Bowl would either be your head, or whole body. So even the Bible is telling you that you are connected, and we of Druidry believe that silver cord is in the stars, right at the perfect time your birth. It is said that there will be no one born in the next 412 years with the same aspects as you. So, how can a little book at the store tell you anything more than your sun sign, when you have so many other things to look at?

    Many of your friends may believe they have the lingo down by stating that " oh he's a Sagitarius but you can see the Scorpio moon in them. " Welll, your friends might be on to something because there are planets all over your birthday, and you might not even know about them. Oh, did you know that most people see you as your Rising Sign anyway? Many people believe that I'm an Aquarius, and that's fine because of my basic actions, but then Aquarius is my rising sign and they are seeing it in my actions. Some can even see Virgo in my actions, yet my moon sign is Virgo and thus, they are seeing the total makeup of me.

    Natal astrology charts use the exact measurments of the stars when and where you were born. So, you would be different if you were born in Pineville, Louisiana at the same time as if you were born in Glastonbury, England. Two differeing people would emerge. Same birth date, and possibly the same time, but you numbers of where you were born would be totally different. So, there are 7.2 billion people on the planet, and your birth time is unique. And of those billions of people to be born, not another "you" will be around for 412 years. Do you feel special yet?

    I find that the best use for someone's natal chart is to find out the pro's and cons of you. Pro's that you can work on making better, and cons on making you better, by not playing in to them. Good readings will break you down immensley and help you to be a better person, help you along your path, and keep fighting to a minimum. The best reason today that I can see using a Natal Astrology Chart would be to find out about your children.

    Did you grow up with parents telling you what you should be doing, or allowing you to find your own way. Were your parents up front with you and help you along what you thought your path might be? My father of course wanted me to be an airline pilot and I wanted to be an architect. We fought, I did what he wanted, and became neither. Actually my spirit for wanting to be anything was crushed at quite a young age and I've kind of drifted along the rest of my life. This is what you could do to your child. Unless of course you wanted to help them in the right direction.

    The best time for helping a child is pretty close to birth. That way you could see the things that may keep them from being who they are supposed to be. Do you think my father would have gone against anything if he'd had read that I was supposed to be a healer, teacher, and spiritual advisor and kept me working towards Algebra that I failed twice, just to be a pilot?

    A synestry reading is one put together with two people, so that you can see how two people would get together and the numbers of harmony and sync. Wouldn't you like to know that before you started into what may just be "lust at first site?" This can be tricky as some people are not meant to get along together. I've done synestries on myself that show a minus 78. And of course that one person is 103.8, but again doesn't mean you'll be with them. It just shows that you two would do excellent and get along great.

    So astrology shows and tells us a lot about ourselves and it might just help you and your life out if you knew what you were supposed to be doing. And then, you might just want to know if Mr. Right really is. So, you should definately get an Natal chart reading and help yourself out. What's the worst that could happen?