Michael Blue Eagle has spent over 28 years studying Western Herbology, Western Medicine vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese Medicine itself. Working with varying disease protocols of both traditions of medicine, he has found that most every disease can be reversed. The biggest block at stopping disease is the person that has it. To many things have been learned in Western culture that makes healing something such as Fibromyalgia, or Cancer, diseases or non diseases in western medicine, hard, in that the actual patient has been told that they are incurable, mostly because it is making doctors and Big Pharma a lot of money by keeping them as something that we "continually study". Although cancer has been known to be curable since the 1930's, the AMA and Pharmaceutical companies keep it from the modern individual because they get their money from it not being curable, and so the pain and suffering that most people are going through is not really because it's incurable, but because there is too much money yet to be made from it.