September 30, 2015

When dealing with your chakras, each one has a reason and resolves a problem in your life. The throat chakra is the one vibrational place that helps control your communication. That time when you want to talk, but can't because you feel like you have a live animal in it, or the fact that you listen but can't really hear what you're being told. This is the communication of your body, and when it is out of whack, you can't communicate. Communication with the godhead chakra, with yourself, with others. Communication is strong with all people and when you can't communicate your life tends to be a mess. Why does this have a lot to do with your ego? Your ego wants you to have everything backwards. Do you want recognition? Feel free to know that with a muddy throat chakra, you won't be able to get around that without working endlessly on efforts to cure that problem.

Your ego will allow you to get to the place to be tuned, but when it finds that it's been tricked, will give you every other reason to stop you. Many people suffer from guilt complexes, or worry about what other people will think about it. This stops many people and keeps them from having happy abundant lives. Our egos will stop at nothing to keep you from communicating with the god head and keep you in the round about "time element" that we all think we live in. If you can't remember your past life, that is how important it all is. If you think this life and the things inside it are so important that you have to be dragged through it with no hope of abundance, love, fun, or whatever you would believe to be happiness, then you won't want to be in communication and allow great things to happen to you.

Get the best of your ego today, work on getting by it and allowing yourself to be happy. See you soon.