September 29, 2015

When you are a vibration and tied to all other vibration, what you see in your perception is what you think and feel. So if everyone else starts to think and feel as you do, the vibration makes the perception for everyone. If you think that the world sucks and you are a victim, everyone else will start to feel the same way. This is the reason that 56% of the people in Mississippi are on either disability, or welfare. More than half a state that is unhappy, unhealthy, unloved, and unwelcome into most everyone else's homes.

When vibration of a body focused on the third eye chakra sees, it doesn't see what our eyes in our head sees. This is why in the Bible that Jesus said that you had to have the "eyes to see and ears to hear". Yup, it has nothing to do with seeing, because that is just a perception. Perceptions are not real and therefore are not. So, if your third eye is open and tuned, you can tell when what you see is so much garbage. So, when I say that when you get your chakras tuned, they are all working in conjunction with the others, and the garbage tends to go away, or as I like to put it, "the garbage takes itself out".

When I first started tuning chakras, I found that sometimes mostly the women would come in, and the vibrations of the relationship with their significant other would start to stress a bit. Most people don't know that when people meet, the vibrations are what makes them "fall in love". And when that vibration changes, for whatever reason, they fall out of love if it's not a strong enough relationship. I've actually had people stop tuning because they were afraid of losing their partner. Some people worked at getting it stronger and are good, the others just are staying with the same person, not making themselves better.

There were the couples that came in and did the tunings together. Well, not in the same room, but both tuned. I have one couple that is tuned to perfect and I believe their marriage is working better because they can see. A couple of others are still together and only one couple broke up. So, out of 200 tunings, that isn't bad.

But vibration is a big part of our lives. So remember that when you look at something, there are no neutral thoughts. If you think positively, and teach your children to watch their thoughts, many people will notice that the world will change to a better place, just through our positive perception. When it was said that a comet could hit the planet, Gregg Braden stated that if we could put 8,800 people in a room, and have them all thing the same thing with intensity and passion, they could move the comet away from the planet with their vibration. Just think what we could do to our planet if we all started acting like it was already done. Get your chakras tuned, act and feel positive even if you have to fake it till you make it. We'll be in the shoppe to help you. See you soon.