September 28, 2015

When you get into a battle with your ego, you usually lose. Most of everything that we see is just perception. The creator has created reality, and when we and our bodies developed "ego" to protect us, it became stronger. It created things, but if you just die and go to heaven, the ego wouldn't have anything more to do. So, it tells you to follow the light. Of course you get trapped in a never ending cycle until you can figure out how to ascend.

Ascending, and stories of the masters ascending sound like Latin to most of you. You just see what you see and believe it. You don't understand that most of what you see, you created and it's nothing more than perception. Your thoughts are the cause, what you see is the effect. So, if your thoughts are basically negative, that's what you'll perceive when you see it. This can be proved by picking a small cloud out of the sky, looking at it for a few moments saying, "this cloud is my perception, it is not of the creator, therefore cannot be". Amazingly within a few moments, the cloud will disappear. Try it. Be calm the first few times that you try it, it'll work with patience, and it's not a magic trick.

When you can't hear the Divine Spirit leading you, you will get lost, perceive things that are not true, follow an ego that wants nothing but the worst for you. This is why many of the so called "masters" are regular people that are tired of the negativity, and work at transformation. If nothing else, just so their lives on earth are better, healthier, more and meaningful relationships, and abundant lifestyles. With a clogged or muddy crown chakra, you can't hear as the vibrations won't enter. You have an ego that protects you from such stuff, and unless it's cleaned, you'll be in the dark.

I work with 11 chakras, including three above your crown so that the "silver chord" from the Godhead is open. When it starts to open, you'll notice things start to get a little brighter, and you'll start noticing things in your life will start getting better. Come have your chakras tuned. Get an appointment to day. Get some help on your journey. See you soon.