September 27, 2015

What the bible does not come right out and tell you is that your "ego" is Lucifer. The most "beautiful angel", the one that knows everything and keeps you in "sin". I use this because most of the religions are based upon the bible, and takeoffs of it as it is a take off of "The Epic of Gilgamesh" which was 2500BC. Most Christians don't want to believe this, but they've never read it so don't know that these books of the "Word of God" are older than Christianity, and therefore "not valid" to most Christians. Sin is having a body, and the wages of sin is "death", which you will have over and over and over again until you can ascend out of the loop.

So how you ascend is basically taught, but since "Lucifer" doesn't want you to ascend, just stay here and die, you'll have to be helped. Usually, you'll know that you need to do something but your ego will give you 200 excuses not to do it. The first thought is the real thought, the rest is fear, guilt, and keeps you from doing what you think you should do.

Lets say you'd think you'd like to have your chakras tuned. How many excuses can you come up with that are "ego" driven to NOT do it? I've heard about 30, mostly having to do with in you don't have enough. Well, since I don't charge for it, that isn't a reason, just an excuse. Because your ego thinks you should stay a firstworlder and pay for everything, you'll be talked out of it. Why? Because when you are tuned to the universe, you're not as tuned to your ego and you're on the way out. Even if you aren't a Christian, you still have an ego, and it's the same. Did the Bible tell you not to be a Christian, or your ego? Did your gods or goddesses tell you not to get tuned? Same ego, different names.

If you're ready to take control of your life, ditch a little bit of ego that keeps your from being happy, abundant, loved, or healthy, get tuned. Let me know when you want to come in and we'll get you an appointment.