The Solar Plexus chakra is the area in the body where we store our energy. In any of the martial arts, or energy working, you always bring energy into your body, and then store it in the Solar Plexus. If you do not have sufficient energy in that chakra area, you are tired, no energy to do anything, no energy to heal yourself, and basically no energy to correct any imbalances you may have. 

This chakra is one of the most vital because of them all, it kind of wraps the others and helps them work. Qigong for instance is for breathing and accumulating Qi, and then you store it in your chakra system. If you use your Qi for other things, like worrying, crying, depression, whatever is wrong, then your Qi drains itself. Many of the masters use this Qi as a store house and if they have a problem in their body, they can move it to that problem and it will heal it. Many of the healers use the energy they have built up in their bodies to heal others. So the energy in your body is very important, and how you use it even more important. 

One of the most important things that happens with little energy in your Solar Plexus is depression and is one reason people that are depressed have no energy. Tune this chakra and help your energy, depression, and basic get up and go. Get an appointment today.