It seems strange to most people. Everything is vibration and depending upon what your actual vibrations are, is what you'll attract. Hmmm. To most people, we are a body and most don't take very good care of the one they have, and there are differing opinions on why they don't. The thing is that everyone knows what's basically good for them by listening to them talk.

" Oh, I know I should eat healthier" or exercize, or read, or relax, or just anything. The problem is that we are programmed by our egos and the egos of others that make us who we are. We think if we get sick, we should go to a doctor, but Doctors and properly prescribed medication is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. So if our medical establishment is so bad, why do we keep counting on them?  Because we've been trained that if something is wrong, go to the doctor. We've been told that the doctor knows what's best for you and you should go. If we get outside of the doctors and alopathic medicine, we find that most of the time, we feel ill at ease because we don't really know what to count on. And there are dso many stories.

But as I have seen people tuning their chakras, I have seen some of the amazing stories, two of them that are so close to being perfect, but their lives have turned great. The thing with getting in touch with the universe is that it ( God, Divine, Great Spirit, whatever ) wants you to be happy, healthy, abundant and full of love. YET, when we get tuned, we are still ourselves that we were when we went into them. I've had a few Christians tell me things about how they don't believe in it, that Jesus will heal, but they forgot to read the books where they tell about Jesus tuning chakras and healing people and "driving the seven demons from their body".  Now you can go to YouTube and see all the "New Agers" telling you how to do it, but the problem is that they make money off of this stuff on YouTube and that is why they want you to subscribe. Justin Beiber started out with his own channel.

So, it's in the Bible, but you don't think that's good enough. Well, fine. I have NEVER had someone walk in for a tuning that was really close to being tuned. Most of the people that think they are tuned are right there with mud. Yes, doing yoga and qigong can help, but only half the way there. I usually find that Christians have the worst chakras, and that people that think they can do it themselves, can't get close.

So, where does that leave me? I tune chakras and there is a certain way to do it. First is getting your ego out of the way, or at least somewhere else while I'm tuning. When you are thinking about one thing, you aren't thinking of something wlse, which is why I believe the vision I had of doing it the way I do it correct. You only think of you, and you only think of you while you're on the table. And as long as your "fight or flight" mechanism is engaged in thinking only about you, it can't fight me for your chakra space. So our biggest problem is what you are thinking about you and the negative stuff going through your mind while it's happening. It's kind of like going to a dentist and expecting to hear drills and haveing pain the whole time you're in the office. But of course there is no pain, unless you fall off the table. 

What can you do for yourself in preparing for chakra tunings? 

First, know that it doesn't hurt. The only thing that would hurt is if we released your kundalini, and I don't try to do that. I've only done it once, and probably wouldn't want to do it again. The kundalini is the actual energy coming up your spine from your root chakra, and is better known as the "Halo" that Jesus and those tuned to him supposedly had in ancient art. It can be done, after your chakras are tuned, but it's not always a pleasant experience.

Second, tell the tuner everything as you go. I usually ask during the session, over and over, is everything okay. The answer if it isn't should be "NO'. I've really only had a couple of people complain about the sessions, one that talks about me like she knows anything has never actually been in a session, and another wanted it to be something else.  I do this to tune chakras, I do them without charge, although donations are nice.

Third. Once you start, you should really keep it up until you're done. The faster the better. Once you start them moving and dislodge them, they can go backwards. Some have started and done six to eight sessions and stopped, only to find them going backwards so that you have to do more sessions to get it caught back up. Just remember, tuning chakras is like taking antibiotics and you have to complete them to get the best result. Really, doing one a month, or whenever, is not going to help because differening things happen at certain stages. You may do four or five and things go well for you and then you stop, and everything goes backwards. So start, do them as fast as you can without much distance between them, and get them finished. To date, of doing these three years, no on that has gotten a perfect tuning has ever gone backwards.

So, if you have contacted me, walked into the shoppe and talked about it, or even had one and stopped, you should start again. The reason you came in in the first place is because the universe sent you. Make an appointment, get tuned, quit thinking you can do it yourself, get started, keep it up, and get done. Easy. See you soon.