The sacral chakra is what we use for expression. If it is muddy and out of tune you'll find yourself not being able to properly give of yourself.  The challenges of our society make it so that we can become very confused over feelings and passions and emotional reactions are frowned upon. Your thoughts of what you or someone else may feel about you are based in this region.

We express our wounds of our sexual issues here.  While our society glorifies and magnifies sexuality, it also rejects it so our indecision on how we feel about ourselves blocks our harmony with ourselves. The total blockage of a chakra could make up the blockage of the root chakra, or how you feel about yourself, and does not allow you to express yourself, turning you vibrational body into a jar with a lid that won't come off.

Because of what we're taught, either with church, through medical teachings, and or psychology, and remember that each one is just a practice and not a real entity, it stays with us for a long time. Churches with their strict teachings of sexuality based upon what they want you to think on some book written by man. Medical doctors that don't heal anymore, and psychologists that just play around with ideas and get sane people to conform to a sick world, are the ones leading you with what you should believe. You are yourself and should take care of your feelings and how you feel about it.

 Your root chakra is what you feel about yourself and your sacral is how you deliver yourself to others. If you feel free, you'll represent yourself as free, and if you are bottled up inside, you won't let anything in. Get your chakras tuned to the Universe, let the garbage take itself out, be free and love yourself. Get your appointment today.