The root chakra is just that. The root of all of our problems.  When Adam and Eve ate from the apple, it was then the knowledge that we were naked. Thus the problem of guilt, that someone might see us naked, see us as ourselves, something that we couldn't keep close to ourselves. If you have trouble balancing your life, or dealing with yourself, you can't give this away.  If you have insecurities, egotistic, insensitive, materialistic or a fear of change, you need to be tuned.

The sacral chakra is what gives away what we have, but if we don't have anything worth giving, it is an empty gesture.

Most people have root chakra problems and need cleared and tuned. When the whole idea of life is that it is centered around you goes through your head, you are in need of tuning.  The ego tries to limit your thoughts to just you, and when you go along with that feeling, everything is about you and people notice.  Maybe you are a hoarder, materialistic, fear of change, or greedy? What if you're fearful or have panic attacks, have financial difficulties or withdrawn with insecurities, withdrawn or suspicious? Yep, you need some work if you want to be tuned to the universe. Balance yourself, balance your life, get an appointment and get tuned.